Structured similarly to real Erasmus Olympics, the NEG will see students from the sections of the italian network challenging each other in the different sports disciplines set out for the games (soccer, volley, basket and beach volley), but it has a peculiarity: students are wearing the colors of the city in which they are spending their mobility experience, and not those of their home country.

The NEG are also the national stage of the ESN Italy project "Erasmus and Sport" whose goal is, since 2013, to spread the culture of practising one or more sports disciplines during their stay in Italy among the mobility students, aiming to build a sense of community and cultural closeness among foreign students and italian ones, thanks to the educational bridge created by sport, because - quoting the Olympic athlete Fiona May - this is "an environment in which everything is easier", even overcoming the national and linguistic borders.
In 2019 NEG will be hosted by the beautiful city of Parma.
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