Erasmus students usually go back home for the winter holidays and we don’t get to celebrate the New Year with them: that’s sad, but there’s not much we can do about that, right? …wrong!

Here at ESN Milano Statale (together with our friends from Politecnico) we decided we could have our own New Year’s Eve in the middle of December, so that we could celebrate with our Erasmus friends before they leave.


The event proved to be extremely successful, a real must for our exchange students: so in 2010 we decided to open it to other Italian ESN sections.


With the support of ESN Italy, the Crazy Countdown became part of the Erasmus Countdown, an event in which more than 2200 students gathered in Milan to visit the city (were we organize guided tours and give support to the ESN sections that need it) and celebrate the New Year in ESN style!