ESN Milano Statale is the ESN section of the Università degli studi di Milano, and its headquarter is inside the University building.
We are a group of students and we organize any kind of activities for the Erasmus, from the recreative ones like traveling bar, to the more cultural ones like city tours and exhibitions but also sport tournaments, social inclusion activities and trips all over Italy.
We take our volunteering as a mission; our goal is to create the best experience possible in Milan for our Erasmus students.

These are our wonderful members:


Local Board 2019


Vice President



Local Representative

Active Members

Communication Manager
Margherita De Socio

Audit Body
Michael Donà

WG Events
Fabrizio Signorino

WG Sports
Daniele Antonazzo

WG SocialErasmus
Eleonora Catozzi

Andrea Meroni

Sara Piga

Anna Mangiaracina

Juri Mainardi

Cristian Tallarida

Nicole Edouard

Stefano Rossi

Giulia Mirabella

Marco Groppelli

Matteo Rivolta

Alessandra Palmulli

Alessio Franconi

Laura Fulco

Ambra Pacitti