Founded in 1994, ESN Milano Statale is the local ESN section of the University of Milan. Our mission is to create the best experience for the exchange students in Milan: by supporting them with practical and bureaucratic information and by organizing activities tailored for them. Bar nights, sport tournaments, city tours, exhibitions visits, social inclusion activities and trips all over Italy to discover the tradition and secrets of our lovely country are just some examples.

We are all volunteers always ready to welcome you in our family!

These are our wonderful members:

Local Board 2020

Michael Donà

Vice President



Local Representative


Ilaria Bergamaschi

Alessio Franconi

Marilù Fortino

Daniele Antonazzo

Active Members

Laura Salvemini

Alessio Santoru

Fabrizio Signorino

Giusi Discenza

Anna Mangiaracina

Arianna dall'Amico

Sara Piga

Giulia Mirabella

Juri Mainardi

Cristian Tallarida

Giulia Mazza

Stefano Rossi

Luca Arrotta

Giuseppe Cinquepalmi

Elena Carella

Matteo di Lorenzo

Denise Ragona

Luca Re

Marco Groppelli

Alessandra Palmulli

Andrea Meroni

Laura Fulco

Matteo Rivolta