Ciao ragazzi!

Welcome for the new Erasmus and welcome back for the survivors of the first semester.
Which is the best way to start the best time of your life in Italy?!
Pizza + Alcatraz with ESN Milano Statale.

For the Italians there is nothing better than a Pizza with friends before night out!

Sooo, what are you waiting for?

Here all the details:

Meeting point at RossoPomodoro San Babila. Via Durini 28 at 20:45 on Friday February 28th.

Price: A la carte menù, you choose you favourite Pizza and drink. No restriction
, you eat and drink what you prefer :)

After the Pizza we will move all together to Alcatraz (The best Disco for the Friday night - €10 included 2 drinks) by Metro.
We will have a Metro Party and a Botellon (pregame) outside the club, so bring your own booze 

Sound good right? Please fill up the form and see you there!

For more info contact Cristian Tallarida or Fabrizio Ritz Signorino.

28/02/2020 - 20:45