Helloo everyone!
So, here we are again.
For the 16th February we’re organizing a fantastic day on the Snow.
We will go to Serre Chevalier in France, where you will be avble to ski, snowboard or just enjoy the place and the views.

Where: Serre Chevalier, France
When: Sunday, 16th February 2020.
How much: 24€ + 5€ of insurance card.
Departure time: between 5.30 and 5.45
Arrival time: between 20 and 21

To register you need to come to our office and sign in, you will be asked to fill a form. Pay attention, don't forget to bring with you your fiscal code as it is mandatory, and the university number will be asked as well.
The cost is 24€ plus 5€ of mandatory insurance. However, once you get your insurance card, it is valid for all the CUS activities ( such as trips, matches, curses and so on ).
Registrations close the 4th of February, so you have until this day to come to the office and sign.

16/02/2020 - 05:30
24€ + 5€ of insurance card